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Interested in the acquisition of a second home, investment property or vacation getaway? Let Brad help you discover all the favorable options at your disposal and get you to your next goal. Click below for more information.

Second Home Purchase
We are pleased to offer a broad-range of specific financial activities at competitive rates. If you require a mortgage, a renewal or are about make a high-dollar purchase, be sure to contact us first for the best service and rates.

Our Financial Services
Don’t let debt take control of your life. I’m Brad Wadden and I will be pleased to help you recover from your debts with debt consolidation. Don’t hesitate to click below for more information.

Debt Consolidation Service
We will be pleased to help you arrange financing for big-ticket items sooner by breaking you payments into smaller, more affordable monthly payments. Don’t hesitate to click below to learn more.

Refinancing might be a good option if you need to extend your repayment schedule or your credit score has improved and you’re able to obtain more competitive interest rates. Click below to learn more.

Refinancing Serivice
If you still owe money on your mortgage when the current terms is up, you’ll need to renew it for another term. At this point, you get a chance to reassess everything that affects your mortgage, including your choice of lender, interest rate, payment frequency and length of your new term. Click below for more.

If you’re a first time homebuyer, be sure to reach out to Brad Wadden at the Mortgage Center. He will ensure you applicable benefits and bust mortgage rates are applied under your circumstances. Click below to learn more.Text

First Time Home Buyer
A rental property will provide you with an extra stream of revenue while providing tax-deferred growth payable someday on the sale of that property. If a rental property is on your radar, don’t hesitate to reach out to Brad for fast, friendly service.

Rental Investment
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Proudly serving Nova Scotians for over twenty-three years. Brad Wadden if fully licensed to provide financial services throughout the Province of Nova Scotia. Why limit yourself to a single lending institution when I will be pleased to provide you with the best options and products?

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We are pleased to be of service through several key regions in Nova Scotia and are conveniently located just moments from major highways and roads. Don’t hesitate to click below and learn more about our service areas.

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All with the goal of getting you the best possible rates, and saving you time and money. Don’t hesitate to complete our secure, online application for, or download, complete and a return a printable version of our form. Click below for further details.

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Connecting with Brad is a real breeze. We are pleased to offer a number of easy-to-use contact methods, right here on our website. Don’t hesitate to click below and use a method best suited for you at this time.

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Second Home Purchase

You will find thousands of books and articles out there targeting first-time home buyers, telling them what they need to know in order to buy their first home. However, being a second-time home buyer isn’t easy.

While your out shopping all the new homes in Halifax with a lot more information about the pitfalls and costs of buying real estate, there is also some new ground to cover when you’re considering all things.

For instance, having to sell your first home and the fact that you will need a down payment together without qualifying for the rebates or programs that were available the first time around.

Some items you’ll have to consider are as follows:

The above is just a small handful of items you’ll have to take into consideration. As a Mortgage Broker, I’m here to make your life as easy as possible and to ensure you are on the right track to purchasing a second home. So, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will be pleased to be of assistance.

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About Brad Wadden

If you wish to learn more about me and how I can help you achieve your financial goals, don’t hesitate to click below for a personal bio and reach out to me at your convenience. I’m ready to help!

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Our Apple and Android app makes it easy to stress test your mortgage, estimate closing costs, compare options side-by-side, search for the best mortgage rates, email summary reports and is available in several languages including French, Chinese, Hindi and Spanish.

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Service Areas

We are pleased to be of service throughout key areas of Halifax, Nova Scotia and surrounding regions. Don’t hesitate to review our service areas by clicking below. If you are within a reasonable distance we will still be pleased to meet and exceed all of your expectations.


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