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Are you looking to consolidate debt, purchase a vacation home or invest in property? Why look further? Brad Wadden the answers and services you’re looking for! Click below for more.

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Proudly serving Nova Scotians for over twenty-three years. Brad Wadden if fully licensed to provide financial services throughout the Province of Nova Scotia. Why limit yourself to a single lending institution when I will be pleased to provide you with the best options and products?

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We are pleased to be of service through several key regions in Nova Scotia and are conveniently located just moments from major highways and roads. Don’t hesitate to click below and learn more about our service areas.

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We are pleased to offer a broad-range of specific financial activities at competitive rates. If you require a mortgage, a renewal or are about make a high-dollar purchase, be sure to contact us first for the best service and rates.

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All with the goal of getting you the best possible rates, and saving you time and money. Don’t hesitate to complete our secure, online application for, or download, complete and a return a printable version of our form. Click below for further details.

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Connecting with Brad is a real breeze. We are pleased to offer a number of easy-to-use contact methods, right here on our website. Don’t hesitate to click below and use a method best suited for you at this time.

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Hammonds Plains Mortgages

Hammonds Plains was originally established in 1815 as settle for refugees from the war of 1812 when a group of hundreds moved to the area immediately north of the then 34 year old logging and farming community of Hammonds Plains.

Hammonds Plains is a picturesque community, multicultural and a great place to live and raise a family. We are fortunate and very proud to be part of the Hammond Plains community and will continue to ensure this community continues to thrive for many years to come. As a result, we have your best interest in mind when it’s for a mortgage in Hammonds Plains or other financial service. Don’t hesitate o reach out us if you require assistance. We are here to help.

Second Home Purchase

Repeat home buyers should take some extra time to consider that they are getting the best possible deal, regardless of the fact that they have a mortgage with an existing lender. In some cases lenders may use this a bargaining chip against the client, and see this an opportunity to renew the mortgage with penalties at times and/or a higher rate.

This will eventually cost the client thousands of dollars more, then if the were to payout their existing mortgage, and take full advantage of lower rates.

In order to avoid this, a repeat home buyer, should take the necessary time to fully understand the calculations so that they could perform a proper assessment. In case the current rate of the repeat buyer on their existing home is comparable to current rates, the above would not necessarily apply and it may benefit the client to remain with their existing lender.

Another point we should make is that a repeat buyer should also take into consideration, before making a decision on their new purchase and mortgage, is whether or not the product they current have with their lender is the right product for them. There are variations of products in the marketplace which can be of some significant help in paying off your mortgage quickly.

Reaching Out to Brad

If you have questions, comments, concerns we have an open line policy, at all times. Don’t hesitate to click below and learn more about our communication options. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Our Apple and Android app makes it easy to stress test your mortgage, estimate closing costs, compare options side-by-side, search for the best mortgage rates, email summary reports and is available in several languages including French, Chinese, Hindi and Spanish.

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